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35L Backpack Neutral35L Backpack Neutral
35L Backpack Neutral Sale price$124.95 USD
25L Backpack Neutral25L Backpack Neutral
25L Backpack Neutral Sale price$114.95 USD
9L Backpack Mini Neutral9L Backpack Mini Neutral
9L Backpack Mini Neutral Sale price$69.95 USD
Neutral BeanieNeutral Beanie
Neutral Beanie Sale price$22.95 USD
Luxury Dog Collar Sepia Brown & NeutralLuxury Dog Collar Sepia Brown & Neutral
Luxury Dog Leash Sepia Brown & Neutral
Trucker Hat WFPK NeutralTrucker Hat WFPK Neutral
Trucker Hat WFPK Neutral Sale price$32.95 USD
Trucker Hat Wolf Head NeutralTrucker Hat Wolf Head Neutral
Trucker Hat Wolf Head Neutral Sale price$32.95 USD
Sold out25L Neutral Meal Prep Management25L Neutral Meal Prep Management
25L Neutral Meal Prep Management Sale price$169.95 USD
Tote Bag NeutralTote Bag Neutral
Tote Bag Neutral Sale price$64.95 USD
15L Backpack Neutral15L Backpack Neutral
15L Backpack Neutral Sale price$104.95 USD
Men's Performance Tank Copper w/ Neutral BorderMen's Performance Tank Copper w/ Neutral Border
Neutral Grip SocksNeutral Grip Socks
Neutral Grip Socks Sale price$15.95 USD
Crossbody Pack NeutralCrossbody Pack Neutral
Crossbody Pack Neutral Sale price$34.95 USD

Neutral Backpacks

If you love to rock tons of versatile outfits, having a neutral backpack is a must-have in your bag collection. Neutral colors like tan and beige pair with everything and easily complement any outfit, making it versatile and easy to style. At WOLFpak, we understand the importance of having a backpack that pairs with anything in your wardrobe. That's why we have a collection dedicated solely to neutral backpacks. These bags come in various sizes, including 9L, 15L, 25L, and 35L. Order the backpack size that best fits your needs. All our bags have multiple pockets, so you can easily organize everything you store inside of them. To add a personal touch to your backpack, you can buy WOLFpak patches to add to the front of your bag.
Do you have any questions about one of our neutral backpacks? Contact our team today by messaging us.