WOLFpaks come in four sizes, 9L, 25L, 35L and 45L, backpacks see below to discover which bag is perfect for you.

Size Chart

Our expert advice; if you don't want to worry about a lack of space, and you're someone who likes a bigger gym bag, the 45L will be great for you. If you're someone who likes to be a bit more nimble, and not pack the entire closet, the 25L will be a great choice!

If you're stuck between the small 25L and the large 45L then our NEW 35L is perfect for you, same style and not too small or not too large. Our Perfect pack!  Currently 50% Males and 50% Females have ordered this size.

Both tactical bags are compartment built, so keep in mind its built to keep your gear separated, not having one large opening which makes some backpacks appear bigger. 

What's the difference between a Traditional Backpack and a Meal Prep Management Bag?

Your Traditional Backpack is just that, the front pocket is your standard pen, business card pocket.  Your Meal Management WOLFpak has the same outside design as the Traditional Backpack, however the front lower pocket is built as an internal insulated pocket, which includes 3 large meal containers, ice packet and plastic utensils.   You can also upgrade to our smaller meal containers and fit more meals into one along with our stainless steel utensils. A Meal Management WOLFpak, the meal container will go into the middle compartment, (shown in image) and you have the entire rear compartment available to keep all your gear separate. 

Laptop Sleeve in every WOLFpak

Each one of our WOLFpaksTraditional Backpacks and Meal Management will have the open top protective sleeve in the rear compartment.  Each computer is different with the boarder frame, thickness or thin and any battery extensions. Its best that we can provide the pocket measurment at a width of 11 inches and has the depth of 11 inches with an open sleeve.

The image is a 25L holding a 16" Apple MacBook Pro.

All WOLFpaks are Airline aproved and most will fit under the seat, when maxed out we recommend using the above compartment.

Holds 1-4 Days of Clothes

How much can our WOLFpaks  hold, shoes, clothes, training gear, headphones and more! With additional pockets and compartments. Below image is at 50% capacity, room for so much more!