Stuck between which size to get? We're here to help. WOLFpaks come in three sizes, 25L, 35L and 45L, see below to discover which pak is perfect for you.


In the figure above, model A is 5'5 is wearing a small 25L pak.  This pak sits snug on her backside. These paks run small and are perfect for the day to day grab bag, over one shoulder or grab and go handle. Best fit over both shoulders on a small frame.  While it will fit your gym essentials, a laptop, cell phone, and accessories, others may want to pack that, and more. Fits perfect under seats for air travel too. Currently 65% Females have order this size. 

Model B is 6'1" is wearing the the large 45L pak. This pak is significantly bigger allowing you to carry all of your essentials and more. Gym belt, laptop, shoes, pre-workout and great fit over both shoulders.  If you're looking for a large backpack this one is for you. Meets carry-on luggage requirements as a perfect fit for the overhead compartment.  Currently 75% Males have ordered this size.

 Both paks are compartment built, so keep in mind its built to keep your gear separated, not having one large opening which makes some backpacks appear bigger. 

Our expert advice; if you don't want to worry about a lack of space, and you're someone who likes a bigger bag, the 45L will be great for you. If you're someone who likes to be a bit more nimble, and not pack the entire closet, the 25L will be a great choice!

If you're stuck between the small 25L and the large 45L then our NEW 35L is perfect for you, same style and not too small or not too large. Our Perfect pak!  Currently 50% Males and 50% Females have ordered this size.


  • 15in H x 11in W, may expand out to 9.5in
  • 2lbs 6oz in empty weight 


  • 17in H x 11.5 W, may expand out to 11in
  • 2lbs 10oz in empty weight 


  • 19in H x 12in W, may expand out to 12in
  • 2lbs 14oz in empty

 45L, 35L, 25L Tradtional Backpacks 

 How much stuff can you stuff our WOLFpaks with, our 35L Rear Compartment 

A Comparison Look of a Male and Female with a 35L 

- Team WOLFpak