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Stop Fakes

Brand Protection and Truth Regarding Fakes: 

At WOLFpak, we are 100% committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product and experience when shopping with us. We are aware that there are imitations of our products being produced and sold. As well as imitation of our brand’s website. To protect us and most importantly our customers, we are devoted to addressing these problems and finding long term solutions.

Understand that if something looks too good to be true, it most likely is. Please be on the lookout, imitation products of ours might cost much less. The only thing is when you pay less, you will receive less. You will not get the same high quality, durable products and customer service that we promise our brand provides.  

Unfortunately, counterfeit business is a huge, on-going problem and WOLFpak has fallen victim to it. But, you can help us put a stop to this illegal activity and protect our brand. 

How Can I Help Protect The Brand & Prevent Purchasing Counterfeit Products: 

WOLFpak products are ONLY sold through our website ( and at events we are sponsors of. We have trademarks, registrations and patents around our word, word marks, images and products and do not authorize the use of our marks on other platforms.

Otherwise, you are most likely dealing with an imposter. If you suspect there is a website or individual offering replica/counterfeit products, please contact us immediately using the link below. We take these matters seriously and will be sure to investigate any leads provided by our customers.