If you have a lot of gear to bring with to the gym or on a hike, you need a bag large enough to hold it all! We designed this large tactical backpack to easily hold everything you need to take with you on your fitness adventure.

Our Large 45L Traditional Backpacks are great for traveling. Or those looking for something bigger. Plus, we created them to ensure they’re functional for the office, gym, school, hiking, camping or the weekend athlete.  We understand that every fitness-lover has different needs, but everyone needs a durable bag to carry their workout gear. This large rucksack is spacious enough to hold all your gear with compartment pockets keeping you organized. These backpacks:

  • Fits Carry On Regulations Overhead Compartment 
  • Waterproof Surface Oxford 900D 
  • Load Test up to 35lbs per Strap

We are the Official Backpack of the Fitness Community 
** This is NOT a Meal Prep Management Bag** 
For 45L Meal Management Click Here

If you have questions about our 45L tactical backpack, then reach out to our team! You can contact WOLFpak by sending a message online and we’ll email you back as soon as possible.