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Luxury Dog Collar Alpha BlackLuxury Dog Collar Alpha Black
Luxury Dog Collar Alpha Black Sale price$15.95 USD
Luxury Dog Collar Burgundy Red & BlackLuxury Dog Collar Burgundy Red & Black
Luxury Dog Collar Copper & NeutralLuxury Dog Collar Copper & Neutral
Luxury Dog Collar Sepia Brown & NeutralLuxury Dog Collar Sepia Brown & Neutral
Luxury Dog Leash Alpha BlackLuxury Dog Leash Alpha Black
Luxury Dog Leash Alpha Black Sale price$15.95 USD
Luxury Dog Leash Burgundy Red & BlackLuxury Dog Leash Burgundy Red & Black
Sold outLuxury Dog Leash Light Copper & NeutralLuxury Dog Leash Light Copper & Neutral
Luxury Dog Leash Sepia Brown & Neutral

Luxury Dog Collar & Leash

Due to their natural breathability, leather dog collars and leashes from WOLFpak are the superior options for your furry best friend.

The natural oils from your dog's skin and fur will help break in the leather of this luxury dog collar while maintaining its softness over time. Your dog's skin is less likely to react negatively because leather collars are all-natural, making these offerings ideal for canines with sensitive skin.

Long-haired dogs benefit greatly from rolled leather collars because they keep fur from matting.

You can also pair your new collar with an equally high-quality luxury dog leash. Let's face it—the collar and leash together will give your dog a classic style.