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Neutral Grip Socks

Our WOLFpak gripped socks, also known as non-slip socks, are especially designed footwear with rubberized or textured patterns on the soles allowing for enhanced traction and grip on various surfaces, making them ideal for activities such as weightlifting, yoga, pilates, and around the house wear. Gripped socks offer an added layer of safety and stability, preventing slips and falls while allowing for comfortable movement.

Our logo classic crew socks provide all-day everyday comfort. Made with 100% combed cotton, therefore has more breathability and softness than your typical cotton socks. Terry sole bottom, perfect for all day comfort. 

  • 100% combed cotton 
  • thick terry sole bottom 
  • breathable
  • high crew sock fit 
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Sale price$15.95 USD
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Neutral Grip Socks
Neutral Grip Socks Sale price$15.95 USD