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25L & 35L Black & White Cow Drops Friday Morning


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Molle Hook & Loop Tactical Pad Panel Attachment

Want More Patches! 

We created the Hook and Loop Display Board, Attaching to the Front of the Lower Pocket.  Made for those that want to Rep more Patches! 

NEW Upgrade Button Back to secure your Panel Board in place. Install by weaving the straps under the molle. 

  • Ideal for affixing hook-backed badge patches or insignia to Molle Gear
  • Surface is 100% loop (soft) component of hook & loop pairing
  • Back board is PU Imitation Leather
  • Compatible with molle straps. Molle tactical bag patch panel.
  • Light-weight, wear-resistant
  • Simple design, easy to use and convenient.
  • Way of personalization & multifunctional your WOLFpak 
  • Dimensions our square 8"x 8" or wide 8.75"x 6.5"

Both Boards Fit the 25L | 35L | 45L WOLFpaks, different sizes are personal preference. 

25L Black WOLFpak displayed using the square 8"x 8"  (Right Side Image) 

35L Khaki WOLFpak displayed using the wide 8.75" x 6.5" (Left Side Image) 

Each Board Sold Separately 

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    Sale price$21.95 USD
    In stock
    Molle Hook & Loop Tactical Pad Panel Attachment
    Molle Hook & Loop Tactical Pad Panel Attachment Sale price$21.95 USD