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40L Ultimate Duffle Bag Iron Gray40L Ultimate Duffle Bag Iron Gray
40L Ultimate Duffle Bag Iron Gray Sale price$169.95 USD
35L Backpack Iron Gray35L Backpack Iron Gray
35L Backpack Iron Gray Sale price$124.95 USD

Iron Grey Collection

Introducing our rugged Iron Gray Collection tailored for the hardworking blue-collar professional. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, our backpacks and duffles stand as reliable companions for those who thrive in demanding work environments. Crafted from robust materials and fortified with reinforced stitching, these products endure the toughest challenges of daily use. With an array of specialized compartments, they effortlessly organize tools, gear, and essentials, ensuring easy access and efficient workflow. Engineered for comfort and endurance, these items embody resilience without compromising on style. Elevate your work ethic with our purpose-built backpacks and duffles, a testament to durability and practicality, curated for the modern blue-collar workforce.