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Article: Why You Need a Meal Prep Backpack

Why You Need a Meal Prep Backpack

Why You Need a Meal Prep Backpack

Trying to lose weight? Too busy to cook healthy meals? Gaining weight from eating out all the time? We know how you feel! Unfortunately, many people struggle to improve their diet because of lack of time, motivation, and knowledge.


Fortunately, the solution is clear. You need to meal prep! Meal preparation is a popular topic within the health and fitness industry for good reason. It’s time-effective, cost-effective, healthy, and a great way to keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals.


Today we’re going to share everything you need to know about meal prep. What is meal prep? What are the benefits of prepping food in advance? We’re also going to share the most effective tool in our toolkit for when it comes to meal prep: a meal prep backpack. Let’s get started.


What is Meal Prep?


Meal preparation, commonly referred to as meal prep, is the process of preparing whole meals and dishes ahead of time, and then sorting them into singular portions and saving them until you need them. This can be compared to cooking everything from scratch as and when you need it.


What are the Benefits of Meal Prep?


  1. Increased Motivation to Eat Healthy

One of the most common downfalls when it comes to sticking to your diet is motivation. It’s late, you’ve had a long stressful day at work, you’re hungry, you just want a dinner you can grab and eat, without having to think about it.


Unfortunately this leads many people to unhealthy dishes like drive-throughs or microwavable frozen dinners that are filled with nasty ingredients like trans fats.


This is where meal prep comes in - when you prepare all your meals in advance on a day that you are motivated, you can grab them for when you’re not. There’s no thinking involved so you’re less likely to slip up and choose an unhealthy option. If your healthy meal is already there for you, in the fridge, you’re going to choose it.


  1. You Know What You’re Getting

When you do your preparation for your meals, you can decide what types of meals you want to eat that are aligned with your fitness goals. For example if you’re bulking and want to consume lots of carbs, you can do the work in advance to make sure you are eating carb-heavy meals that will allow you to reach your macronutrient goals.


Similarly, if your goal is weight loss, you can work out the total caloric and macronutrient breakdown of each meal to ensure that every single day you are hitting these goals and will be able to enjoy the weight loss you’re working hard to achieve.


  1. Routines are Best

When it comes to achieving a health or fitness goal, routines work wonders. You start to get into a pattern, which makes it easier to follow. If you know what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day - the ‘guesswork’ goes out the window.


  1. Quick, Easy, Effective

When you are hungry and need to eat quickly, there is nothing better than meal prep. It’s already prepared for you, in your fridge for when you need it! Simply heat it up if it’s hot, or just grab-and-go if it’s chilled. It’s even quicker than going through a drive-thru, so you really have no excuses if time is of the essence.


What Do You Need for Meal Prep

The most important of any meal prep routine is having a meal prep backpack. A meal prep backpack is a backpack that is specially designed to keep food fresh while you’re on-the-go.


If you use a regular gym backpack, you’re not keeping your stored correctly. Here are some of the meal prep issues you might run into:


  • Food isn’t kept at the right temperature so may get moldy or rancid
  • Due to this, you might increase your risk of food poisoning as bacteria will grow on food that is at room temperature
  • Your food prep containers may open and slip out, causing your personal items to get damaged or smell like food


So what’s the solution?


WOLFpak Meal Prep Management backpacks. Here’s what you need to know about our meal prep fitness backpacks:


  • We’ve thought of everything - Our fitness meal bags have been carefully designed by fitness enthusiasts so every component of a meal prep bag is covered!

  • Stylish and practical - You don’t want a meal bag that looks like a meal bag, if you know what we mean! You want a meal prep bag that is stylish and practical. Our meal bags come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your preferences.

  • Comes with meal prep containers and utensils - Not only will you get a stylish meal prep bag, you’ll also get three large meal prep containers to put your food in.

  • 8-hour ice pack - Your food will stay chilled to keep it fresh for whenever you need it.

  • Separate compartments - The WOLFpak meal prep bag has a variety of compartments so you can put different food items in each to prevent them from spilling or rolling around. This also includes two compartments for shaker bottles or water.

  • Keep your personal belongings safe - We also have an inside protective computer pouch so that your computer is kept away from the food. This makes it the perfect fitness backpack to use for meal prep and your daily commute.


Click here to shop.


What Else Do You Need to Meal Prep?

The final thing we’ll leave you with is this: when it comes to meal prep, you’ve got to put in the work in advance, to enjoy the results later. That means getting a meal prep backpack, searching for recipes, figuring out your macros and calorie targets, and actually cooking the meals with enough time to spare!


Put in the work, enjoy the rewards.


Come and see why everyone loves our meal prep bags.


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