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Article: How to Prepare For The U.S. Military Fitness Test

How to Prepare For The U.S. Military Fitness Test

How to Prepare For The U.S. Military Fitness Test


Joining the military? It’s not a walk in the park! In fact, 80 percent of all military recruitments are turned down. That’s a shocking four out of every five applicants! So why does this happen? Partly because they are failing the military fitness test.


WOLFpak, home to the nation’s favorite fitness backpacks, is a proud supporter of the U.S. military. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to get you prepared to pass the military fitness test. We’re talking military fitness programs, meal prep, gym gear, and more.

What are the Branches of the Military?

Before you learn how to pass the military fitness test, you may be wondering which branch of the military you should apply for.


To celebrate the release of our new military patch collection, we’re sharing a little bit about each branch of the military and a link to our military patches. You can use these on your WOLFpak fitness backpacks!


To say a special thank you to each person standing forward to protect our country, we’ve organized a discount of WOLFpak gear just for you. Click here to get a military discount.


  1. USMC

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a branch of the Armed Forces that acts as the premier crisis response force.


Shop USMC military patch.


  1. America's Navy

The United States Navy (USN) is the maritime service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.


Shop America’s Navy military patch.


  1. Coast Guard


The Coast Guard is a unique branch of the Military responsible for an array of maritime duties, from ensuring safe and lawful commerce to performing rescue missions in severe conditions.


Shop Coast Guard patch.


  1. US Army

The U.S. Army organizes, trains, and equips active duty and Reserve forces to preserve the peace, security, and defense of the United States.


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  1. US Air Force


The United States Air Force, (USAF), one of the major components of the United States armed forces, with primary responsibility for air warfare, air defense, and the development of military space research. The Air Force also provides air services in coordination with the other military branches.


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  1. National Guard


The National Guard is a state-based military force that becomes part of the reserve components of the United States Army and the United States Air Force. Guard Soldiers hold civilian jobs or attend college while maintaining their military training part time.


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What is the Military Fitness Test?


The military fitness test, known as the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), is used to test the physical and mental capabilities of enlisting soldiers and officers. If you want to join the military, there are a few prerequisites. One of the most important prerequisites is that you have the ability to keep up physically. That way, you’re better able to defend yourself, your unit, and your country.


Aside from this, Air University also examined the importance of physical fitness for military personnel. They summarized the following benefits of a fit military:


  • Increased productivity
  • Better stress management
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Increased stamina to perform work for longer
  • Physical strength to carry equipment


What Does the ACFT Include?

There are six components to the ACFT:


  1. 3 repetitions of maximum deadlift
  2. Standing power throw
  3. Hand release push-up arm extension
  4. Sprint-drag-carry
  5. Plank
  6. Two-mile run


To learn more about each of these exercises, click here. This is then scored based on your gender and age. You need at least 60 points on each of the exercises to pass the ACFT.


How to Train for the Army Fitness Test?

1. Lift Weights 4x Per Week

To be strong you’ve got to lift heavy. That means getting yourself to the gym four times per week to lift weights. Lifting weights increases muscular endurance and size, improving your ability to lift heavy objects, recover from injury, and increase bone density.


Most of the exercises in the army fitness test involve moving weight. For example, the three rep max deadlift. You can work your way up to this by deadlifting lighter, and perform one to three rep max.

2. Track Your Macros

Tracking your macros involves calculating your daily caloric and macronutrient needs. This way, you’ll ensure that your body is getting all that it needs to build muscle and accelerate recovery between exercise sessions.


You’ll want to pay special attention to your protein and carbohydrate intake. To track your macros, download an app like MyFitnessPal, and scan in everything you eat.


3. Meal Prep

Tracking your macros is very difficult if you’re not preparing your own food! So instead, it’s time to meal prep! Check out this article we wrote that covers some of the benefits of meal prepping for military fitness.


Want to grab yourself a meal prep bag? WOLFpak fitness meal prep bags contain:


  • Food prep containers
  • Separate compartments
  • 8-hour ice pack
  • Utensils
  • And are stylish and practical


Click here to shop WOLFpak Meal Prep fitness backpacks.


4. Sleep 8 Hours Per Night

We know it’s simple, but so many of us aren’t sleeping enough, and it’s preventing your body from recovering and performing at its peak. So, if you’re trying to pass the military fitness test, you’ve got to prepare your body by sleeping eight hours per night.


To improve your sleep, try to avoid looking at screens an hour leading up to bedtime.


5. Invest in the Right Gear

It’s time to make a commitment to passing the military fitness test. That means getting a gym membership, buying a meal prep bag, and of course - getting an athletic backpack. You’ll be able to use this for all your fitness needs. Check out everything you can put in your tactical gym bag here.


Final Words


Are you an active duty soldier, veteran or dependent? If so, we want to say thank you for protecting our country. To say a special thank you, we’ve organized a discount of WOLFpak gear just for you. Click here to get a military discount.

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