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Article: Why Do People Carry a Backpack in the Gym?

Why Do People Carry a Backpack in the Gym?

Why Do People Carry a Backpack in the Gym?

One of the most contested unwritten rules about going to the gym surrounds people carrying backpacks on the floor. You’ll have one side adamant about doing it while the opposition finds it annoying. We’re here to explain why people carry a backpack in the gym.

DTA: Don’t Trust Anybody

We want to think we live in a perfect world where no one would take someone else’s property, but unfortunately, that is not our reality. Patrons may be able to store items in the locker room, particularly their gym bags. However, the only way you will be totally certain that everything will remain intact is by keeping your bag with you.

Fiddling with a lock and remembering a combination might be an issue for some, so why not keep the bag as close to you as possible to avoid tomfoolery?

Lacking Pocket Space

Most workout pants or shorts only have one pocket on each side. Wearing carpenter pants or jeans on a treadmill isn’t ideal, so there’s limited pocket space for all your goodies.

The average gym-goer brings their phone, headphones, keys, and wallet with them. If you put all four things in your pockets, you might be holding to your waistband every step you take because the extra weight pulls them down.

Throwing all your items in a backpack circumvents that predicament. Furthermore, a backpack full of zippers keeps your items safe and secure. Surely, everyone has left one of those personal items at a machine, or it unknowingly fell out of your pockets. All it takes is one panic-stricken moment of losing your wallet to do anything in your power to avoid that feeling again.

You Use Additional Equipment

Although some folks only go to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio and bolt, others do more intense workouts. Sometimes, those laborious regimens require additional equipment for you to feel safe.

Things like a lifting belt, chalk, and gloves come in handy at the weight rack. Going back and forth to the locker room could lead to someone else taking the machine or bench you were using, leading to massive frustration if they watch five-minute YouTube videos between sets.

As noted before, you can carry only so many things comfortably on the gym floor. If you’re already struggling with the bare necessities, including the extras would be arduous.

The Convenience

Ultimately, people carry backpacks in the gym for convenience. The motivation behind every reason above is how it makes your life easier. You don’t need to worry about anyone digging through your things or leaving your ID behind when it’s secure in a backpack. Plus, you can add your shaker bottles, shoes, and whatever else you deem necessary during your workout.

WOLFpak has several 25L backpacks you can take to your gym and improve your workouts. Our bags come equipped with cup holders on the sides and come in various colors! Our bags are capable of loading 35 lbs per strap, so you can carry everything you need.

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