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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Tactical Backpacks

The Ultimate Guide to Tactical Backpacks

The Ultimate Guide to Tactical Backpacks

Every branch of the police force, all armed forces, and all first responders need well-designed tactical backpacks. But if you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, you can also reap the rewards of what these packs have to offer. An ordinary hiking backpack may work well for an afternoon stroll but won’t be much help if you lose your way exploring an unbeaten path. This ultimate guide to tactical backpacks will inform you of all the benefits these packs offer and how you can find the best one for you.

What Is a Tactical Backpack?

Tactical backpacks are like standard backpacks in appearance, but they meet the demands of people who must carry a large quantity of gear while on the go. These bags include compartments for keeping your gear dry and specific compartments for securing everything in its place.

Tactical backpacks with compartments and other organizational features maximize your available space, allowing you to bring knives, lamps, and medical supplies for emergencies while in the woods. The primary compartment of a tactical backpack is roomy enough to store all your essentials and durable enough to prevent any damage in the event of a bump or drop.

The Ultimate Bug Out Bag

A tactical backpack over your shoulders is ultimately your lifeline if the worst-case scenario happens. As troubling as it can be to see how Joel and Ellie make it through the dystopian world in The Last of Us, a cataclysmic event could occur.

A tactical backpack could hold a portable survival kit that includes what you and your loved ones would need to stay alive. This would be useful if you had to flee your house or make your way to safety due to an emergency or natural catastrophe. You probably won’t have to hide from “clickers” or “bloaters” like Joel and Ellie, but you will want something that permits you to lug around equipment for rationing off supplies.

In a non-dystopian world, however, the value of a tactical backpack remains the same. You could trip over an enlarged root and tumble down an embankment, leaving you temporarily motionless. Rather than rely on a friend, family member, or passerby to risk their safety and provide assistance, your tactical backpack with the right materials can be a lifesaver.

What You Should Be Looking For

You want to be sure the zippers on the backpack you buy won’t break if you put a lot of weight on them. The same high-quality hook-and-loop fasteners required for outside pockets should also be inside the bag.

Many military-grade backpacks employ Velcro closures, and this is a great alternative since a broken zipper may be the only thing worse than a post-nuclear world. Hyperbole aside, any Velcro stitching must be top-notch to keep your goods secured.

Having several removable dividers in your backpack is a great way to keep everything tidy. A MOLLE-compatible backpack is a major benefit since it allows you to customize its available capacity with additional straps, compartments, and other attachments. This way, you can maintain order even while you unload your gear.

Premier backpacks also often come with a hydration kit, an important item for any outdoor excursion. Dehydration can be a silent assassin, considering you may not realize it’s happening until it’s too late. A hydration pack ensures easy, convenient access to water that is ergonomic to carry.

Explaining MOLLE

Hearing that a tactical backpack is MOLLE-compatible might not mean anything unless you know what MOLLE means. Modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) is a tweak on the all-purpose lightweight individual-carrying equipment (ALICE).

MOLLE webbing enables you to connect components to one other, producing an extraordinarily strong link that doesn’t jiggle or shake loose while you’re on the go. According to the MOLLE standard, each attachment must have at least two straps, making it easily identifiable by the horizontal straps that run the length of a backpack. Efficient transportation methods for equipment are a priority for all military personnel; thus, MOLLE became the new standard for soldiers in battle. Because of its strength and versatility, though, MOLLE equipment is incredibly useful for all heavy-duty activities.

What Every Bag Should Include

A tactical backpack must be sturdy and reliable even when exposed to unforgiving conditions. It also needs to hold up to years of rough use. Hence, a high-quality tactical backpack should have the following features:

  • Extra straps that attach the bag to a waist belt to distribute the weight more evenly over the wearer’s body
  • Padded compartments or clips to help contain loose things
  • Ability to add pockets anywhere you choose, so you can always get to what you need quickly
  • Top and bottom straps that let you connect vertically oriented accessories like pouches and bags
  • A secure area to store your cash, passport, or other important materials and documentation
  • High-quality linings to reduce wear and tear

Are Tactical Backpacks Worth It?

Tactical backpacks may seem expensive or excessive to some people, but those who have used one will tell you it was money well spent. That’s because purchasing a tactical backpack gives you a reliable bag for years to come. Also, these bags are perfect for various outdoor activities, including hunting, hiking, and camping. In other words, the user can tailor their bag to their specific needs, making each bag unique and maximally useful. 

For instance, a hunter’s tactical bag can be roomy enough to hold all the necessary gear yet be comfortable enough to wear all day. And the bag’s pattern and design could conceal you from curious and threatening animals. Therefore, you’re getting more than just a bag; you’re getting the security of knowing you and your gear are safe.

Hopefully, we answered any questions or concerns you may have had about the usefulness of these versatile packs in the ultimate guide to tactical backpacks. Even if you aren’t preparing for battle or aren’t a keen outdoorsy person, tactical backpacks are wonderful for any situation requiring a backpack.

Think of a tactical backpack as a long-term investment. Unless you change your style or color preferences, there’s no need to swap one out for a newer one. WOLFpak has an excellent collection of tactical rucksacks to suit anyone’s needs! We pride ourselves on the quality and versatility of our tactical bags, so browse our selection or contact us today for more information.

The Ultimate Guide to Tactical Backpacks

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