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Article: Tips for Packing Your Backpack Like a Minimalist

Tips for Packing Your Backpack Like a Minimalist

Tips for Packing Your Backpack Like a Minimalist

Backpacks make carrying the many things you need easier and more comfortable. Knowing how to pack your bag appropriately ensures you only bring the things you need wherever you go. Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry! We’ve created this guide to give you the best tips for packing your backpack like a minimalist. 

Determine What You Need

First, you need to think about how long you’ll be gone and what you’re doing. If this is a day of hiking, you’ll need to load your backpack with different essentials than you would for a weekend vacation.

For a day trip, you’ll need some snacks, water, and possibly a change of clothes. However, you’ll need to pack more items for a weekend getaway. And if you plan to go on excursions, you should bring the appropriate shoes, a jacket, and activity-specific gear. Jot down the activities you’ll do so you only pack the necessary things and don’t waste space on unnecessary items.

Buy Versatile Items

Invest in versatile clothing that’ll serve you in many situations. For example, you should invest in a single merino wool hoodie because it’ll take the place of a light jacket and puffer coat. Merino wool is moisture-wicking, so it’ll keep you cool when it’s warm or toasty if it’s cold out.

Wear Necessary Bulky Items

Packing boots or other large items into your backpack will take up a fair amount of space, which means less room for other items you may need. A secret to packing your backpack like a minimalist is wearing these bulkier items during travel time. This mean wearing your boots or jacket to the airport if you need to take a plane since it’ll save space for everything else you need.

Carefully Organize Everything

Take time to fold your clothing into smaller squares. This way, items won’t get wrinkled, nor will they waste space in your bag. Packing pros also carefully organize their belongings inside the backpack according to weight; heavier items go on the bottom. As a bonus, this also makes it easier to find things once you get to your location.

Pro Tip

If you need to take your toiletries with you on a plane, place all of them into a clear plastic zip bag and keep it at the top of your backpack. You must remove this at the airport during your bag check, which keeps the process seamless for everyone involved.

Carefully Consider Size

Finally, make sure you have the appropriate bag size. If it’s too small, you won’t be able to fit much inside, but if you have the largest backpack available, it may be tempting to bring items you don’t need. A 35 L tactical backpack is ideal because it’s mid-sized. You’ll only pack what you need. WOLFpak sells top-quality knapsacks designed for athletes and adventure seekers. Buy the perfect bag to load it with the essentials for your next journey.

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