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Article: Healthy 4th July Recipes

Healthy 4th July Recipes

Healthy 4th July Recipes

July does not only bring the perfect summer vibes, but it is also the month of American Independence! 4th July is one of the most favored times of the year for us Americans. It’s a chance to celebrate our patriotism, spend time with friends and family, eat good food, and spend a day having fun.


But for many Americans who are on a health and fitness journey, the vast array of foods that make up a typical 4th July feast are usually far from healthy. We’re talking burgers, hot dogs, donuts, wings… all the foods we hate to love. So if you don’t want to fall off track this Independence Day weekend, this post is for you. We’re going to share some of the best healthy 4th July recipes that your fam and friends will love!


Being American means celebrating 4th July


The Independence Day of America holds a special place in the heart of every American. Ever since 1776, this day has been not just a public holiday but an occasion of celebration around the country.


It is marked with a number of summertime activities that have been linked to the fourth of July over history. Many families utilize this date to plan fun-filled family events, like trips to the beach, baseball games, camping, parties at home or in your neighborhood. These events are often characterized by the food. We’re talking cheese platters, hot dogs, pretzels, you name it. We want to eat it.


Barbecues remain the most popular activity among Americans on this day. One way or the other, the fourth of July is equally about enjoying food as it is about celebrating Independence.


However, for fitness enthusiasts, this day of celebration can end up becoming a challenge. When you are surrounded by calorie-rich food, how do you stay true to your fitness promise? Let’s now get started on some of those healthy fourth of July recipes you can try out at your family barbecue and a day out on the beach. The celebration does not have to come at the cost of your fitness!


Healthy Barbecue Options


Barbecues can transform into a tasty but calorie-rich event with all the July fourth hot dogs and burgers. It is an excellent choice for a healthy barbecue to go with the right kind of protein you can grill, along with tasty but healthy sides.


While you will have to pack your grills and ingredients, WOLFpak’s  Meal Prep Management Backpack has got you sorted! It has different departments to maintain temperature and even comes with a plastic utensil set. Nothing can stop you from your healthy barbecue packing now!


BBQ Chicken with Peach and Feta Slaw

This dish is sure to bring a healthy twist to your traditional fourth of July barbecue. Juicy peaches along with your grilled chicken, bring a sweet-salty taste to the table. Apart from chicken, you can combine any grilled protein with peaches and feta slaw. Made in olive oil and mixed with fresh herbs, peaches, and chives, this dish is a perfect healthy deal for your Independence Day celebration!


Potato Wedges

A fourth of July barbecue is never complete without American potatoes! You can skip on the unhealthy fries and add this healthy side to grilled fish or chicken. This is going to be just the perfect nutritional and tasty proportion since sweet potatoes are rich in potassium and fiber. The preparation time is also very reasonable because your wedges will be grilled in about 20 minutes!


Chickpea S’mores Dip

It would be unfair to skip s’mores on a fourth of July barbecue, but it is possible to make them healthier! As untempting as a chickpea dip might sound, this is actually an easy and quick dip to make!


The recipe involves chickpeas, coconut sugar, maple syrup, cocoa powder, almond milk, vanilla, and sea salt—just seven healthy ingredients coming together to make a healthy s’more dip. You can store it before the barbecue and pair it with some graham crackers to take your s’more game up a notch!


Healthy Beach Options


It is time to pack some sunscreen, towels, and healthy beach snacks in your WOLFpak Pink Goddess Backpack! While hotdogs and burgers remain the top-of-the-list fourth July beach snacks, you can go with some sandwiches, salads, and fruits to add something healthy to your celebration. It is vital that your snacks are filling, easy to pack, and also tasty!


Fruit Skewers

Fruit skewers bring the perfect color to a fourth of July beach picnic. Mixing up seasonal fruits - grapes, mango, watermelon, blueberry - will ensure that your summer day picnic is cool and tasty. Just thread the fruit pieces on a wooden or bamboo skewer. These fruit-y additions to your picnic are not only easy to pack and take to the beach but also very healthy and energizing. To add another twist to your fruit skewers, pack some honey to drizzle on top! 


Quinoa Tabouli Salad

This salad will sit perfectly on your beach picnic as you celebrate the fourth of July on a hot day. The salad will not leave your stomach empty because it has all the filling and healthy ingredients. Just add lemon juice, parsley, tomatoes, and cucumbers to a bowl of boiled quinoa and toss them together. Season it with some olive oil, and you are all set to take it with you to the beach! If you want, there’s always room for grilled chicken in your salad. Healthy and tasty snack for the celebration!


No Bread Sandwich Bites

A no bread sandwich is a hundred percent possible, and you don’t even have to compromise on the taste! While sandwiches are the statement July fourth picnic snack, you can lose the bread and munch on low-calorie fresh sandwich bites. Vegetables are the key ingredient of these bites since veggies are taking over your sandwich’s bread! There are several options for your sandwich’s bookends, like lettuce, bell pepper, and cucumber. Sandwich sliced turkey or chicken in between so you are not missing out on good proteins! Time for fresh and colorful sandwich bites this July!


Final thoughts


Fourth of July is a time to celebrate togetherness and freedom! There is nothing better than food as your celebration partner. While you have several July fourth specific snacks, you can cut down on the unhealthy aspect of them by adopting these delicious alternatives! It is best to enjoy grilled goodness, choose healthier sides and make the best use of summer fruits. It is time for you to pack your things and have a happy fourth of July!


For more, subscribe to the WOLFpak blog.



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