Duffel Bags vs. Backpacks: Which Is Best for the Gym?

Trying to choose a gym bag can turn your mind into a pretzel. The debate between duffel bags and backpacks and which is best for the gym continues. Let us make an argument for each side, giving you the evidence necessary to figure out what’s best.

The Argument for Duffel Bags

Duffels look stylish and perfect for someone who doesn’t need to organize their workout gear. A duffle bag can double as a magician’s magic top hat, considering it seems like a bottomless pit that fits virtually anything. If you run out of room, you still have multiple compartments that allow you to slip items like your keys, phone, or headphones in. 

Duffel bags are also ideal for folks who need to transport several items. The spare room doesn’t require you to pack smarter when you can toss everything in it without an issue. 

Duffel bags are also strong—specifically their bottoms—because people often drop them on the floor without much thought. A well-padded duffle can act as a cushion when you don’t have something to lay your head on if you’re working out on the floor. 

The Case for Gym Backpacks

A backpack is for the organizer who wants to keep things tidy. If you enjoy the extra pockets of a duffle bag, you’ll love what a gym backpack offers. You’ll end up finding zippers and pouches you never knew existed.

Another selling point for backpacks is they’re better for your body than lugging around a heavy duffle bag. When you see someone carrying a duffle over their shoulder, you may notice that they’re favoring one side of their body to balance out the weight of the bag. Doing this will put unnecessary wear and tear on your back, negatively affecting your training.

The Winner

So between duffel bags and backpacks, which is best for the gym? After hearing the arguments for both sides, you should realize that gym backpacks are the superior option for most gymgoers. Backpacks provide more comfort and additional alternatives to keep things organized. After all, you don’t want sweaty gym clothing mingling with your post-workout drink or snack.

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