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Article: 5 Ways To Customize Your Tactical Backpack

5 Ways To Customize Your Tactical Backpack

5 Ways To Customize Your Tactical Backpack

Using a mass-produced backpack without alternations is like moving into an empty apartment. You could do nothing to the area, and it still serves its purpose, although it wouldn’t feel like home. Try these five ways to customize your tactical backpack to help it say more about who you are.

5) Devil Is in the Details

You don’t need to share your life story, but the basic things you’d want to know about someone are essential. Preparing for the worst-case scenario is better than being unprepared if you are in a dire situation. Use a marker to put your name, phone number, and address on your bag so you’re easily identifiable. Plus, stamping your name on it ensures that someone else won’t mistakenly take it if you use it for traveling purposes.

4) Patch It Up

Patches on backpacks are like bumper stickers on a car: once you put one on, soon, your entire backpack will be a patch-filled masterpiece. Adding patches to your tactical backpack allows you to show the world who you are. Whether you feel passionate about a cause, are an active member of the armed forces, or work as a first responder, a patch can show your support without you saying a word. Square or rectangular patches work the best, especially if you add Velcro to keep them more secure. You could also double these patches as additional pockets if you are extra crafty.

3) Better Handles

Most tactical backpacks have a handle on the bag between the shoulder straps. This handle is useful for lugging your backpack to give your back a break. However, that little handle could be too small, and the nylon rubbing against your skin could feel uncomfortable. One way to combat the unpleasant nylon is to cover it with something that’s more grip-friendly. A small plastic or foam tube works well, considering no material will rub against you.

2) Seen But Not Heard

A great tactical backpack is one you can take with you while you’re trekking through the wilderness. While you will do most of the legwork during the day when the sun is out, you will inevitably want to see how the moon hits a small pond at night. Yet, you’re lucky to see one step in front of you when it’s dark out, so consider adding reflective stripes to your pack.

1) The Many Uses of a Plastic Sheet

There’s a drawer in your house full of miscellaneous items that don’t have a home. That junk drawer may look chaotic, but it serves a significant purpose. You may not need a tape measure regularly, but you know where to find it when you need to measure something. You can do the same with your tactical backpack and create a junk drawer of sorts, as long as a large plastic bag is in it.

A large plastic sheet serves multiple purposes. Most notably, it’s a makeshift way to provide shelter in tumultuous weather. A sheet that deflects the rain works better than an umbrella to keep you dry and is lighter than some rain covers.

These five ways to customize your tactical backpack all serve a purpose. They add flair and style, keep you safe, and make you easily discernible. WOLFpak wants you to customize our durable small rucksack with patches and whatever else you see fit! Find the right bag for you, and let the customization begin!

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