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Article: Gift Ideas for Fit Women

Gift Ideas for Fit Women

Gift Ideas for Fit Women

Christmas is approaching, which means one thing - it’s time to get your gifts! Gift-giving is a Christmas tradition, it’s your chance to show the people in your life how much you love them - and it makes you feel good too. To make the people in your life feel the best, you’ve got to get them a gift that represents their personality; something they love, and something you’ve clearly put thought into.


Do the women in your life love to stay fit and healthy? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top gift ideas for fit women, brought to you by WOLFpak.


Mini Backpacks

Traditional gym backpacks often don’t take women into consideration when manufacturing their bags. They create gym bags that are large and sturdy, but impractical for many women. Sometimes you don’t need a huge gym bag to go to the gym, you just need a backpack that’s big enough for your essentials. That’s why we created the mini backpack.


The WOLFpak mini backpack is 10"x 8.5" x 7". It comes in a variety of colors like pink, teal, and purple, or in patterned print like cheetah print or cherry bomb. Not only are the color choices loved by WOLFpak women, but their practicality is also. The mini gym bag contains a protective inside phone pouch, a 180-degree opening, and a waterproof surface.


You’ll be able to fit all your essentials - phone, mini tablet, water bottle, padlock, earphones, and resistance bands - without the bulk.


Our mini backpack is a great gift idea for fit women who can use this versatile bag in and out of the gym.


Click here to shop.


Travel Shoe Bag

Ladies, we know how much you love your shoes. That’s why we created our travel shoe bag - the best choice for a fitness gift. This protective bag keeps your shoes safe and prevents them from dirtying the rest of your belongings. If you’re going straight from work to the gym, or gym to a date, this is the perfect gift for fit women.


The waterproof material contains breathable mesh side vents to keep your shoes fresh, and your stuff clean.


Click here to shop.


Water Bottle

A cute water bottle encourages you to drink water, it’s a fact! So get the fit girl in your life a water bottle she’ll love. Plus, our water bottles for the gym are designed for fit people - so she’ll know you put thought into the gift.


WOLFpak flasks are made with stainless steel construction for durability, double-wall insulation, vacuum sealed, and powder coated. This means you can expect your hot drinks to stay hot for six hours, and your cold drinks to stay cold for 24, without condensation, slips, or leaks.


These water bottles are a budget-friendly gift idea for fit women and will last for years.

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Gym Hoodie

Every fit girl needs a gym hoodie. More specifically, they need a heavyweight, cozy hoodie that’s soft and durable, that they can wear in and out of the gym. We’ve got you! Our WOLFpak Always a Wolf Hoodie is a best-seller. Is the woman in your life a wolf in the gym? They need wolf workout clothes!


Pro tip: Size up for a looser fit.


Mini Gym Bag

Not a backpack gal? Don’t worry, we’ve got more options. Check out our WOLFpak drawstring sack-pack bag. It’s the perfect grab-and-go bag whether you're running to the gym or just running out. It’s lightweight and small, so has a variety of uses. The most popular use is as a mini gym bag.


It contains a handy zipper pocket for your keys, wallet, or phone, and is completely waterproof. This means that you can use it to separate your gym clothes after a tough workout. The mini gym bag is washable, so it won’t hold onto bacteria.


Meal Prep Bag

Women who love the gym, also love to eat. But usually, they try to stay healthy, which means one thing - meal prep. Preparing your meals in advance can help you stay on track with your diet, to help you perform better in the gym. Yet many women don’t meal prep, for the reason being they don’t have a good meal prep bag.


The WOLFpak meal prep bag comes in various sizes - a mini meal prep bag all the way to a 45L meal prep bag - but the features are the same:


  • Made of waterproof polyester
  • Cooler compartment
  • 1 ice pack
  • 1 sealed food prep container
  • Plastic utensil set
  • Protective inside phone pouch


The meal prep bag has everything she’ll need to stay on track and eat healthily. Plus, it’s stylish. Unlike a standard meal prep bag, it has been designed for function and style. It doubles up as a gym bag, or for traveling.


More Gift Ideas

If there’s nothing standing out to you in this list, we’ve compiled some other gift ideas for healthy women.

Pink Wolf Gym Accessories

Need some more inspiration? Check out our Everything Pink collection. It contains some of our best-selling gift ideas for fit women, ranging in price for everyone’s budget. These items are all offered in pink, specially designed for women who love the gym, and the color pink. Check it out now!

Dog Accessories

Is the woman in your life a dog mom? WOLFpak is the brand of the wolf, which means we also love dogs. We offer luxury dog leads and dog collars so that your dog is walked in style. Coming in a variety of colors, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade to match her pooch.


Click here.

Tickets to a Fitness Expo

Experiences are amazing presents for women who love keeping fit. So get her tickets to a fitness expo like Joe Wielder’s Olympia, which happens annually. WOLFpak are proud sponsors of a number of fitness expos, so stay up-to-date with our happenings on social to come and meet us!


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