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Article: Fitness Gift Ideas For Father’s Day!

Fitness Gift Ideas For Father’s Day!

Fitness Gift Ideas For Father’s Day!

Father’s Day 2022 is happening on June 19, 2022. Are you ready to celebrate your dad? Or are you still looking for a good Father’s Day gift? Perhaps you’re searching for a meaningful Father’s Day present, something that is perfect for him. You’ve got to take his personality into account. What are his favorite things? If the gym or working out is on that list, this is the Father’s Day gift guide for you!


  1. Gym backpack

For dads who love fitness, a gym backpack is the best Father’s Day gift idea! WOLFpak offers gym backpacks in four different sizes: 9L, 25L, 35L, and 45L. This variety of sizes will suit any and all of your gym needs.


So which size is right for your dad? The 9L backpack is a mini, and can comfortably fit a wallet, a standard water bottle, some snacks, etc. But if your dad goes from work to the gym and needs to pack a bit more, the 25L to 45L options are probably better. Check out our size guide for more information on what size backpack is right for your dad!


Here are some features of our best-selling backpack, the 35L:


  • Waterproof Oxford 900D Polyester and are built to last
  • Spacious with plenty of pockets to keep your gear separate for easy access
  • Dual Cup Holders
  • Protective Inside Computer Pouch 10in x 10in
  • Fits Carry On Regulations Overhead Compartment
  • YKK® Japanese Upgraded Two Way Zippers
  • 180 Degree Opening for easy packing
  • Waterproof Surface Oxford 900D Polyester
  • Load Test up to 35lbs


The biggest fitness bag, the 45L, is great for traveling as it can fit plenty of clothes, shoes, a laptop, and other essentials. If your dad travels a lot for work, this Father’s Day gift idea is unique and helpful!


A sturdy, functional gym backpack will be able to fit all their gym essentials. Even better, you can fill his new gym backpack with brand new items for him to open one-by-one. Need ideas? Check out this article we wrote with the top things to put in your gym bag.


  1. Meal prep management

Looking for a Father’s Day gift for a fit and healthy dad? This one is it! If your dad wants to have a healthy diet, preparation is key. The WOLFpak meal management backpacks are perfect for transporting your meals on-the-go, without looking like a lunch box! They’ll keep your meals fresh, and look good doing it.


Think of them as backpacks with an edge - equipped with three large food containers, an eight-hour ice pack and utensils. Plus additional compartments for your gym gear or office equipment. This makes them great Father’s Day presents for office workers, fitness enthusiasts, or dads looking to improve their diet.


You can get 25% off red and black 45L meal management backpacks with our Father’s Day special! Use the code DADISRAD to activate. Click here to shop.


  1. Father’s Day shirts

Want to get your dad a new shirt this Father’s Day 2022? Here at WOLFpak we have a variety of comfortable and stylish fitness apparel to suit your dad’s needs. He can lounge or workout in this gear, making it a go-to gift for Father’s Day.


One of our best-selling, signature items is the WOLFpak heavyweight hoodie. It is made from the highest quality heavyweight cotton, and is soft yet durable.


The best part is that most of our apparel is now on sale. Click here to shop Father’s Day gym clothes.


  1. Fanny packs

Fanny packs carry all your dad’s daily essentials like his phone and cards. He can strap it around his waist under his shirt or as a sling bag and be on his way! Our fanny packs are ideal for the gym, hiking, running, traveling, or as a daily carrier for all your belongings.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say about it:


Brandy B, “MY FAV GYM ACCESSORY - Great quality and the perfect size for carrying around the gym. I love the ability to customize with the patches AND the different strap length options. I use mine as a crossbody rather than a fanny pack. Whether you're working out or out and about, it makes for a great bag!”


Antwan A, “ Excellent product I use everyday, great for a carry on. I recommend it, a must if you're serious about your fitness.”


See what all the hype is about. Click here to shop fanny packs.


  1. Drinking shakers

This is a great budget-friendly Father’s Day gift idea. Costing less than $25, the WOLFpak shakers are the best Father’s Day gift for dad’s who love fitness. Your dad will enjoy a 24 oz Stainless Steel shaker, made to last all day. It will keep cold drinks colder for longer or hot drinks hotter with our double wall insulation for up to 24 hours performance.


What’s more, they’re dishwasher safe, leak-proof, and come with a wire whisk to mix your protein shakes on-the-go!


Click here to shop shakers.


  1. Water bottles

Keep your dad hydrated with a water bottle perfect for the gym and beyond. Made from stainless steel, this durable and double wall insulated bottle will keep your beverages hot or cold with no condensation for up to 24 hours.


This thoughtful Father’s Day gift will show your dad you care about his health, and encourage him to drink his 2 to 3 liters per day!


Click here to shop water bottles.


  1. Dog presents for a dog dad

Looking for a Father’s day gift for a dog dad? We’ve got you! It’s in our name, we love dogs! We offer stylish and durable dog collars and leads for your pup to look the part. This funny Father’s Day gift will be sure to put a smile on the dog dad in your life. Click here to shop.


It’s time to purchase your Father’s Day gift 2022! We hope this gift guide for dads who like fitness inspired you. Start shopping now.

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