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Article: Essentials for Your Camping First Aid Kit

Essentials for Your Camping First Aid Kit

Essentials for Your Camping First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something people hope they won’t have to use, but it remains an absolute necessity for every outdoor adventure. The more isolated you are outdoors, the more supplies you should bring with you. While you can purchase a standard kit at a store, making your own camping first aid kit may be more advantageous. Learn the essentials to include below.


When you think about first aid kits, the first things that come to mind are probably bandages and other wound coverings. Having an open wound while camping is a recipe for disaster, so having several types of bandages that can cover various lacerations and abrasions is key. Triangle, butterfly, and ace bandages are a few examples of what to add, but it doesn’t hurt to have a wider selection available.

Sterilization Supplies

While covering a wound is critical to your well-being, it doesn’t do much good if you don’t clean it first. Therefore, every camping first aid kit should have sterilization materials to lower the chances of an infection.

Antiseptic cream, lotion, soap, and hydrogen peroxide are must-haves to kill pathogens. Also, sterilization materials are meaningless if you’re using dirty hands to apply everything, making gloves and syringes necessary too.

Medication for Stings and Bites

Being out in the wilderness is fine and dandy until it gets wilder than expected. Though it’s unlikely you’ll endure a snakebite or a bee attack, you shouldn’t tempt fate and go camping without preparing for such incidences. Having a snakebite and beesting kit can help you manage either misfortune.

Additionally, you should prepare for stings from plant life, such as poison ivy. Certain creams, antihistamines, and calamine lotions can relieve your skin from the aftereffects of poison ivy exposure.

Over-the-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications are so habitual that we take them for granted. However, if you get an upset stomach, aching back, dry throat, or congestion while camping, you’ll want some relief.

Throat lozenges, aspirin, anti-acids, sinus medication, and feminine hygiene products help make your camping experience more enjoyable if you’re on the struggle bus.

Tools of the Trade

Aside from the items that help you feel better, you must have certain tools that help you in dire situations. The list of helpful tools can vary depending on your needs, but generally, you want a cutting tool, duct tape, water treatment tablets, a flare, and a fire starter. If you have these items, you can survive several days if you go off an unbeaten path.

Having the essentials for your camping first aid kit before your venture off is the safest thing you can do as a camper. WOLFpak’s small tactical bag is the perfect complement for your camping adventure and can be the home of your first aid kit. Remember—it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when snake bites are on the table.

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