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Article: 4 Fitness Fundaments You Need to Succeed in Fitness

4 Fitness Fundaments You Need to Succeed in Fitness

4 Fitness Fundaments You Need to Succeed in Fitness

Here’s the truth about fitness: it’s a constant commitment to bettering yourself. It’s not a one-time thing, it’s a long and pervasive journey that requires grit, dedication, and discipline. That’s why 73 percent of people quit their fitness goals before they’ve had the chance to achieve them. What they didn’t realize is that each time you fail, you have the opportunity to get up and keep pushing - each time getting closer to achieving your goals.


Here at WOLFpak, we believe in helping others overcome challenges on their fitness journey by helping them set a strong foundation. In this article we’re going to help you build your fitness foundation with the 4 fitness fundaments you need to start (and succeed!) on your fitness journey.


  1. A periodized workout program

A periodized workout program is essentially a structured and optimized way of training that allows you to continuously get stronger and fitter. When you follow this type of program, you always know exactly what you’re doing when you enter the gym. As a result, you’re more consistent.


A study published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy found that periodization was associated with increased adherence and training adaptations like enhanced muscle growth and fat loss.


  1. A way to track data

There’s no point following a prescribed workout if you don’t have the tools to track your changes. Depending on your goals you can track your progress by testing:


  • Body fat - using bioelectrical impedance (BIA) scales or calipers
  • Body weight - using a weighing scales
  • Muscle mass - using BIA or by taking body part measurements
  • Strength - record weights used, sets performed and intensity required
  • Fitness - tracking sprint speed etc.


According to recent research, when you see your fitness metrics getting better, it motivates you to keep going.


  1. Fitness gear

When you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Studies show that preparation is a key predictor of fitness success. Ensuring you have the right fitness gear to start your fitness journey is vital. Here’s the list of some fitness essentials:


  1. A WOLFpak mentality

The way you view yourself decides which type of habits you let form. If you decide you’re an overweight, lazy, unathletic person - this is the person you will become and continue to be. This is because you let yourself make excuses to miss workouts, overeat, cheat on your diet - because you have DECIDED that it’s ‘just who you are’.


Break the habit of being yourself. Decide that you’re athletic, fit, healthy, committed, determined. Your habits will form around this new version of yourself, leaving no room for excuses. We call this a WOLFpak mentality - being relentless in the pursuit of your goals.


Final thoughts


It can be difficult to start and succeed on your fitness journey, but if you build the right foundation, your goals will seem less out of reach. Get yourself a solid periodized workout program, an effective way to track your progress, some essential fitness gear, and a winner mentality - and you’ll be well on your way.

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