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Article: 4 Easy Ways To Incorporate More Fiber Into Your Diet

4 Easy Ways To Incorporate More Fiber Into Your Diet

4 Easy Ways To Incorporate More Fiber Into Your Diet

Fiber is an important component of a healthy diet. Fiber reduces blood cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation, aids in weight management, and keeps your bowel movements regular. The recommended intake for fiber is 38 grams a day for men and 25 grams a day for women, but many consume much less. Let’s explore four easy ways to incorporate more fiber into your diet.

Non-Starchy Vegetables

Vegetables are an important part of your diet for many reasons. Non-starchy vegetables are particularly low in calories and high in nutrients, including fiber. Thus, you should aim to incorporate beans, peas, and lentils into your meals as much as possible.

Consider eating your vegetables first if you struggle to consume a lot of them. Start the meal with a green salad or vegetable soup to ensure you get the recommended serving. Plus, you may fill up faster and consume fewer calories during the meal if you eat the vegetables first.

High-Fiber Cereal

Consider a high-fiber breakfast cereal if you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate more fiber into your diet first thing in the morning. You’ll want to look for an option that has five or more grams of fiber per serving.

The cereal aisle in the grocery store has a seemingly endless number of choices. Look for words such as “bran,” “fiber,” or “whole grain” in the name if you’re stumped in terms of what to buy. You can also add some unprocessed wheat bran to your favorite cereal to boost the fiber content. A few tablespoons should do the trick.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are the clear winner when you want to increase your fiber intake. At least half of all grains you consume should be whole grains. Keep an eye out for whole-wheat bread and whole-wheat flour when you head to the supermarket. You’ll also want to look for options that have at least two grams of dietary fiber per serving.

Simple switches such as brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, bulgur wheat, and barley can make a big difference in your overall fiber consumption. For example, opt for whole-wheat noodles to ensure you’re hitting your recommended daily fiber intake if you’re already planning on eating spaghetti for dinner.

Nutritious Snacks

It can be tempting to grab a bag of chips or a candy bar as a quick snack when you’re in a pinch. However, more nutritious options are available and just as convenient. You can make your snack break count by munching on whole-grain crackers, raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and even low-fat popcorn. Dried fruits or a handful of nuts are other fiber-rich snack choices that are easily portable. However, keep in mind both options are high in calories, so you’ll want to consume them in moderation.

An easy way to ensure you eat enough fiber throughout the day is to meal plan. You’ll be less likely to fall off the wagon if you know exactly what you’re eating for all three meals, including your snacks. A meal prep bag from WOLFpak is a great way to carry your food conveniently when you’re on the go. Browse our extensive selection to choose the size and style that best suits your lifestyle.

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