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Article: Why Does My Backpack Hurt My Back?

Why Does My Backpack Hurt My Back?

Why Does My Backpack Hurt My Back?

Help! My backpack hurts my back! If you’re experiencing back pain from your backpack, you’re probably wearing the wrong backpack. As humans, we’re built to carry things. Unless you’re carrying a thousand pounds, 24 hours a day, there’s no reason that your back should be hurting from your backpack.


We created the WOLFpak Tactical Backpack for this reason - we wanted to help people struggling with backpack back pain, by creating a backpack designed with comfort in mind. Our backpacks don’t cause back pain, and are verifiably suitable to wear for long periods of time, like on a hike or traveling.


If you’re experiencing the dreaded backpack back pain, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to cover some of the main causes of backpack back pain, and give you some tips on how to combat this issue. Plus - suggest some alternative backpacks that are back-friendly, and comfort-ensured. So let’s dive in.


What Causes Back Pain From a Backpack?

Back pain is a common issue among people who carry backpacks regularly, whether it's for school, work, or outdoor activities.


A study published in the Journal of School Health found that 55% of students aged 12-18 reported experiencing back pain due to carrying heavy backpacks. But contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a normal side effect. In fact, it’s usually caused by wearing a poorly designed backpack, among other factors, including:


Issue 1: Uneven Weight Distribution


One of the main issues with normal backpacks is that they often distribute weight unevenly. When you carry a backpack, the weight of its contents is typically concentrated in the center of your back, which can strain your muscles and spine. This can lead to discomfort, pain, and even long-term damage.


Issue 2: Straps That Dig Into Your Shoulders


Another issue with normal backpacks is that the straps can dig into your shoulders. When you carry a heavy load, the weight of the backpack can cause the straps to press into your skin, which can be painful and even cause bruising or chafing.


Issue 3: Lack of Support


Normal backpacks often lack the support needed to protect your back. When you carry a backpack, your spine and lower back are vulnerable to strain and injury. Without proper support, you may find yourself slouching or bending forward to compensate for the weight of the backpack, which can lead to back pain and discomfort.


Issue 4: Poor Design


Finally, many normal backpacks are poorly designed, with little consideration for ergonomics or the human body. Some backpacks have awkward shapes or straps that are too short or too long, which can make them uncomfortable to wear for long periods.


Issue 5: Poor Posture


Carrying a backpack can also lead to poor posture. When you carry a backpack, it's easy to hunch over or lean to one side, which can cause your spine to curve unnaturally. This can lead to muscle strain, back pain, and even spinal problems over time.


So, what can you do to avoid these issues and protect your back when carrying a backpack?


How to Find a Backpack That Doesn’t Hurt Your Back


Here are some tips:


Tip 1: Choose a Backpack with Even Weight Distribution


Look for a backpack that distributes weight evenly across your back. This will help prevent strain and injury to your muscles and spine. A backpack with a padded back panel can also help distribute weight evenly and provide extra support.


The WOLFpak Tactical Backpack has a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps that provide support and comfort while carrying heavy loads. The adjustable sternum strap and waist belt also help to distribute weight evenly and reduce strain on your back and shoulders.


Tip 2: Look for Wide, Padded Shoulder Straps


Choose a backpack with wide, padded shoulder straps that won't dig into your skin. This will help distribute the weight of the backpack evenly across your shoulders and reduce the risk of pain or injury.


Tip 3: Choose a Backpack with Proper Support


Look for a backpack with proper support for your back. A backpack with a waist strap or chest strap can help distribute weight evenly and reduce the strain on your lower back. A backpack with a rigid frame or support structure can also help provide extra support.


Tip 4: Choose a Backpack with an Ergonomic, Sturdy Design


Finally, look for a backpack with an ergonomic design made from sturdy materials, that is tailored to the human body. This will ensure that the backpack is comfortable to wear for long periods and won't cause strain or injury to your muscles and spine.


The WOLFpak Tactical Backpack is made of Waterproof Oxford 900D Polyester, which is a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This means that your backpack will be able to keep up with your active lifestyle and last for years to come.


Tip 5: Get The Right Size

It's important to find the right size backpack. A backpack that is too small or too large can put unnecessary strain on your back and cause discomfort.


Choose a size that is appropriate for your body type and the activities you will be doing. A properly fitting backpack should sit comfortably on your shoulders and distribute weight evenly. WOLFpak offers backpacks in four different sizes: 9L, 25L, 35L, and 45L, one for each sized person, suitable for the activity they’re doing. For example:


  • 9L: This smaller backpack is great for short hikes or trips where you only need to carry the essentials, such as water, snacks, and a phone or camera.
  • 25L: The 25L backpack is a versatile option that can be used for day trips, commutes, or light overnight trips. It's big enough to carry a change of clothes, a small laptop or tablet, and other essentials.
  • 35L: If you're planning a longer trip or need to carry more gear, the 35L backpack might be a better option. It's great for overnight camping trips or longer hikes where you need to carry a sleeping bag, tent, or other equipment.
  • 45L: This is the largest backpack we offer and is ideal for multi-day trips or expeditions. It can comfortably fit a lot of gear, including a sleeping bag, tent, cooking equipment, and other essentials.


The Right Backpack Doesn’t Hurt Your Back


Shop WOLFpak Backpacks now.

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