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Article: The 2022 WOLFpak Gift Guide

The 2022 WOLFpak Gift Guide

The 2022 WOLFpak Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is this month. Christmas is around the corner. We’re just one month away from the biggest gift giving time all year! It’s time to start thinking about some gift ideas for your fit friends and family.


Getting and giving gifts is the joy of life - but getting a gift for someone that isn’t well-thought out gets easily under-appreciated. That’s because people want to receive gifts that have been lovingly chosen, that suit their lifestyle and preferences. So when it comes to the question, “what gift should I give my fit friend?” we’ve got the answer!


WOLFpak is a leading fitness backpack brand. We offer carefully designed fitness backpacks that are loved by all fitness enthusiasts. But that’s just the beginning, we have a variety of fitness gear that suits all fitness fans whether you’re male, female, young or old - we’ve got something that you’ll love.


So buckle up and get prepared to shop. Here’s our 2022 WOLFpak Gift Guide.


When is Thanksgiving 2022?

Thanksgiving is always the final Thursday in November. In 2022, Thanksgiving is November 24th. If you’ll be sharing a gift with your favorite people for Thanksgiving, that means you’ve only got a few weeks to get your gift.


Christmas, the same as every year, is on December 25th. Only a month away, it’s definitely time to start preparing your gift ideas for your fitness friends and fam.


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is Black Friday. Black Friday is the day to mark in your calendars as the biggest gift buying day of the year. It is held the day after Thanksgiving, and it was created to encourage shoppers to get their Christmas gifts early, so essentially all businesses offer some type of sale.


In fact, nearly 13% of all retail sales in the United States occur between Black Friday and Christmas. There were an astounding 155 million shoppers in the United States on Black Friday in 2021, and the likelihood is there will be more this year!


Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Chritmas are the biggest gift buying and giving times of the year. But knowing what to buy can be a struggle! That’s why we’re sharing our annual gift giving guide.


WOLFpak Fitness Gift Ideas

WOLFpak is a fitness brand, so if you have any fit people in your life - this is for you! Here are some of the most popular WOLFpak products for the best gift idea.


Fitness Backpack

Anyone who enjoys the gym or living a healthy, active lifestyle needs a fitness backpack. Trying to combine your work bag with your weekend bag with your gym bag is a pain. Separation is key. That’s why we created the WOLFpak gym backpacks.


They’re for people who love fitness, and utility. You want a bag that has compartments and separation for all your different fitness gear.


These backpacks have been specially designed for the gym, with a waterproof surface, spacious compartments, protective insides, 180-degree opening and more key features that make it perfect for workouts.


WOLFpak offers bags in four different sizes: 9L, 25L, 35L, and 45L. The 9L backpack mini is big enough to fit your daily workout essentials - phone, airpods, straps, snack, and water bottle. If your gym has started getting tight on restrictions, this is your go to choice.


The bigger sizes are ideal if you have more to pack. These gym backpacks are built to last and have plenty of space and pockets to store anything and everything you may need throughout your fitness journey.


Click here to shop.



Travel Shoe Bag

Does your dad go straight from the office to the gym? He needs a WOLFpak shoe bag. This shoe bag is made with breathable mesh side vents to keep your shoes fresh, and to prevent the spread of bacteria from the sole of your shoes and your other belongings.


Click here to shop.


Meal Prep Bag

Food prep containers often open and spill into your bag. They get dirty easily and hold smells long past the point they are washed. What’s the solution? WOLFpak meal prep bags come in four sizes, and have an array of key features that keeps your food cool while you go about your day.


Wolf Workout Clothes

Are you getting a gift for a lonewolf? Getting them some wolves gym clothing will speak to them. It’ll be apparel that they’ll keep rewearing because they know you put thought into the gift idea.


Here at WOLFpak, our logo is a wolf. That’s because it symbolizes loyalty, dedication, and power. Get your hands on some wolf workout clothes so you feel like a wolf at the gym. It’s the perfect gift idea!


Click here to shop.


Red and Pink Fitness Gear

Men love the color red. That’s why we created the red tactical backpack and our Red Savage collection. Getting a gift for someone who loves red? We’ve got you!


Women on the other hand, love pink! That’s why we created an Everything Pink collection for all the fit women out there. It’s an easy choice for your fit female friends!


Fitness Patches

If you don’t have a big budget for gifts but want to get something thoughtful, our WOLFpak fitness patches are for you. We have a variety of patches that you can put on your WOLFpak fitness backpack or clothing. We also have a military fitness patch collection so if you’re getting a gift for someone in the military or first responder - we’ve got you.


Click here to shop fitness patches.


This is just the beginning of the WOLFpak gift giving guide. We have other products that your fit friend would love, with ranging budgets in mind. Here’s what else you can find at


  • Hats
  • Fanny packs
  • Drinking flasks
  • Drinking shakers
  • Dog accessories
  • Socks and more!


Don’t miss out on these amazing gifts this year. Shop WOLFpak now.


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