5 Factors You Should Consider When Buying a New Backpack

Backpacks are one of the most useful bag options out there. You can load them up with all sorts of belongings and easily carry them around. Plus, backpacks are great for packing everything you need for a day of hiking or working out at the gym! Below, we’ve highlighted the top things to consider when buying a new backpack. 

Why Do You Need It?

Like any purchase, you need to ask yourself why you need a new backpack. Will it be a school bag or something for your hiking adventures? Noting this impacts your best option and helps you narrow your scope. For example, when buying a bag for hiking and other fitness activities, you may want something with back support and ventilation.

What’s the Capacity?

You’ll also want to know what size backpack you need. For example, if you plan on using your bag for day-long trips, you may need a 45 L backpack. On the other hand, if your pack will take the place of a handbag, a mini backpack that’s 9 L may work perfectly. The ideal capacity depends on why you need the bag and how often you will use it.

Is It Comfortable?

If the backpack feels uncomfortable when you wear it, there’s no point in buying it because you’ll be disinclined to use it. No one likes back and neck pain, but it can occur if the bag pulls on your shoulders and doesn’t have padding. Search for a backpack with padding on pressure points and adjustable straps to eliminate discomfort.

What Are the Design Options?

Once you have found the type and size of backpack you need, look through the different colors and patterns available for that pack. Your backpack is an accessory, and buying something that reflects your taste and personality will ensure you enjoy the product.

What Is the Price?

The final factor you should consider when buying a new backpack is the price and how it compares to the quality. Could you buy one for $20 or less? Sure, but that means it’s probably not going to last very long. Quality is key if you plan to use your bag regularly. While that inexpensive backpack may be tempting, you’re more likely to waste money in the long run buying replacements.

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