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Article: 4 Things To Keep in Your Skiing Backpack

4 Things To Keep in Your Skiing Backpack

4 Things To Keep in Your Skiing Backpack

A day spent on the slopes is a chance to have fun and spend time enjoying nature’s beauty. However, if you want to maximize your time and be as prepared as possible, it’s important to know the things to keep in your skiing backpack. A well-stocked backpack can put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on enjoying the fresh powder.


Skiing is an intense sport, and it’s easy to become dehydrated. Plus, high elevations intensify dehydration, so having access to fresh water is essential. Find a water bottle that fits nicely in your backpack and is easy to grab on the go.

Keep in mind that on extremely cold days, your water can freeze. Take small sips early and often to prevent the water from freezing. If you’re taking a break or riding the chairlift, rehydrate to keep the water in liquid form. You can also carry your backpack under your jacket to use your body as a heat source. Pressing the water bottle directly against your back can prevent it from freezing throughout the day.


Another important thing to keep in your skiing backpack is food. Since you burn a lot of calories on the slopes, your body will need to refuel to perform. Although ski lodges sell food and beverages, the location of these food kiosks is not always convenient, so it’s helpful to have some snacks easily accessible. Plus, you’ll save money by packing your own food.

When deciding what type of food to include in your backpack, consider size and portability. It’s best to bring quick snacks that don’t make a mess and are easy to consume on the go. For something more substantial, a basic sandwich is a good choice, but pack it carefully to avoid squishing the bread!

Cell Phone

A cell phone is essential for a ski trip because it’s important to have access to a reliable form of communication in case of an emergency. Almost all ski areas have robust cell service, so you can use your phone to connect with friends at the lodge or call ski patrol in an emergency.

If you’re skiing on a particularly cold day, your cell phone’s battery can quickly deplete. It’s wise to carry an external battery and charging cord. With these extra gadgets, you’ll be able to stay connected regardless of the temperature.


Before you embark on a day of skiing, it’s critically important to apply sunscreen and pack the bottle in your backpack for reapplication. You may assume that you don’t need sunscreen on snowy days, but it’s essential to wear it every day–especially if you’re spending long periods outdoors.

On sunny days, the sun is stronger at high altitudes, so you need to protect your skin at the top of the mountain. Plus, if you’ve ever had the sun hit your eye after reflecting off snow, you know that sunlight is still an issue on snowy days. Diligently apply sunscreen throughout your ski day to keep yourself comfortable and healthy.

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