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Article: When is TheFitExpo LA? SAVE $10 on Entry

When is TheFitExpo LA?   SAVE $10 on Entry

When is TheFitExpo LA? SAVE $10 on Entry

When is TheFitExpo LA?


Are you a Los Angeles local and into fitness? TheFitExpo is coming to LA! This May, you can attend one of the nation’s leading fitness expos. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of health and fitness. You’ll meet some of your favorite fitness influencers and athletes, interact with some of the leading fitness brands, get some free goodies, and meet fellow fitness junkies. You don’t want to miss it!


What is a fitness expo?


A fitness expo is a large exhibition focused around health and fitness. There are many different expos that happen across the US, with TheFitExpo being one of the most popular and widely known. Each fitness expo is different, but most have an array of activities, brands, and athletes for you to walk around and enjoy.


What is TheFitExpo?


TheFitExpo is a family-friendly event that unites thousands of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or powerlifter, or into jiu-jitsu or functional fitness, from personal trainers to group exercise instructors to competitive athletes, you are going to find something you like at TheFitExpo.


When is TheFitExpo 2022?


This year TheFitExpo 2022 is taking place on Saturday May 21 to Sunday May 22 in the Los Angeles Convention Center - South Halls. Located in the heart of LA, the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) is the main destination for large scale events in LA. There is parking on site and a ride-share drop off area. The event runs from 10am to 5pm on both days.


What happens at TheFitExpo?


When you arrive at TheFitExpo you will be greeted by staff who can direct you to where you need to be. You will get a map of the South Halls with all the booths and stands that have been set up, it will also include a schedule for the day with any special activities and events that may be running.


Attendees can:

  • Meet fitness influencers
  • Discover new health and wellness products and services
  • Have access to free workout classes
  • Enjoy cooking demos for healthy meal inspiration
  • Witness live sporting competitions
  • Take part in a competition for cash prizes
  • And much more!


Competitions to sign up for at TheFitExpo 2022


There are plenty of events at TheFitExpo 2022 that you can enjoy or partake in for fun, or even a cash prize! These include:


Fittest couple model search

Are you a fit guy or gal with an equally fit partner? If so, you’ve got to sign up for this competition. If you take the title, you’ll win BIG cash prizes, swag bags, professional photo shoot, the title of TheFitExpo’s Fittest Couple, get feature in TheFitExpo’s marketing campaign, and an exclusive interview with IFBB Hall of Famer, Shawn Ray for Digital Muscle TV!


Click here to learn more.


Maxreps for cash

There are four events - bicep curls, dips, pull ups and push ups. If you think you can out-rep everyone else, it’s time to sign up! Open for male athletes only, you can win $200 in cash.


Click here to learn more.


Best body part competition

Have you built an enviable physique? If so, you can join the best body part competition. Open to male attendees 18 and older, you can compete in three different events during the weekend (arms, back and abs ) and females 18 and older can compete in two events (arms and legs).


Competitors will be judged on a two category 1-10 point system of Definition and Overall Appearance, with $200 up for grab.


Click here to learn more.


What events are happening at TheFitExpo LA 2022?


Celebrity athlete seminars

Some of your favorite celebrity athletes will be taking the stage to share their knowledge and answer questions about fitness. A schedule and list of guest speakers will be released at the event.


Epic series obstacle

The EPIC series obstacle challenge is a fun and exhilarating challenge that you and your kids can partake in. Think: American Ninja Warrior.


Click here to learn more.


You can also join in fitness events including:

  • Jii-jitsu
  • Battle of the bars
  • Mas wrestling
  • Armlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • And much more!


Click here to see what other events are happening.


What is the history of TheFitExpo?


TheFitExpo is the largest fitness event on the west coast. It happens in a number of cities across the west coast including Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and San Jose. The creators of TheFitExpo wanted to create a one-stop-shop for all things health and fitness. Their dream became a reality as they partnered with athletes, gyms, and fitness brands to bring you the best in the business when it comes to fitness.


WOLFpak at TheFitExpo LA 2022


WOLFpak will have a boothe at TheFitExpo LA 2022. Make sure you come and say hi! At our booth we will also have WOLFpak athletes Mark Anthony and Jennifer Dorie.


Mark Anthony is the first ever Men's Physique Olympia Champ and coach and a WOLFpak athlete. Jennifer Dorie is the 2021 Ms Bikini Olympia and Bikini International winner, and a WOLFpak athlete. Stop by to meet both of these athletes to pick their brains with any questions you may have about health and fitness.


WOLFpak gear to check out at TheFitExpo LA 2022


WOLFpak is a functional athletic backpack brand. We’re sponsoring TheFitExpo LA 2022 and will be sharing some of our best-selling fitness backpacks and products. This includes:

  • Gym backpacks - ranging in different sizes with an array of compartments to fit all your gym needs.
  • Meal management backpacks - perfect for meal prep.
  • Fanny packs - for on-the-go fitness endeavors like hiking or walks.
  • Shakers - for protein shakes and more.

And so much more!


Save $10 by using code EXIBITLA22


Click here to see what else will be on offer at the WOLFpak boothe at TheFitExpo 2022 in Los Angeles. We can’t wait to see you there!



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