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Article: What Is the Most Durable Backpack Material?

What Is the Most Durable Backpack Material?

What Is the Most Durable Backpack Material?

Backpacks provide a practical way to haul your items, whether you’re heading to class or embarking on a strenuous hike. Regardless of how you plan to use your backpack, you want to make sure it is comprised of high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. You may have wondered about the most durable backpack material and which option is right for you. Check out our top picks below!


Nylon is a synthetic fiber and is often considered the most durable backpack material because of its tough, waterproof features. Nylon is not easily damaged or torn in rugged terrains, so it’s a wonderful material for outdoor uses such as hiking and camping. This plant-based thread is also resistant to fungi, insects, and mold.

Nylon is also lightweight, so if you’re planning on carrying your backpack for a multi-day hiking adventure, you really can’t go wrong. For days spent outdoors, it’s also important to rely on a fabric that is both heat- and fade-resistant. Luckily, nylon ticks both boxes!

Ballistic Nylon

Unlike the name suggests, ballistic nylon is not a different type of nylon. Rather, it’s a fabric created with a specific 2x2 or 2x3 basket weave technique. Ballistic nylon was originally used by the military in World War II as a bulletproof fabric; it was designed to protect airmen from debris and shrapnel caused by bullets and shell impacts. Today, it is one of the most durable fabrics for backpacks due to its rugged, high abrasion resistance.

Ballistic nylon has the added benefit of being an almost completely waterproof fabric. If you’re someone who lives in a rainy climate or enjoys water-based activities, this material can be an ideal choice. The durability of ballistic nylon makes it a heavy fabric. Be careful when stocking backpacks made of this material; you don’t want the bag to become so heavy that you can’t comfortably carry it.


Polyester is a popular fabric choice for backpacks since it is less expensive than nylon. Polyester thread is lighter and thinner than nylon; it uses more thread to create a tighter weave without increasing the overall weight of the bag. The tight construction of polyester fabric allows for additional durability benefits.

Polyester is water- and UV-resistant, so it dries very fast if submerged and does not fade in the sun. This fabric is also less static than nylon, so you don’t need to worry about shocking yourself in dry environments.

When you need a durable rucksack that will stand the test of time, turn to WOLFpak. We offer a variety of options, including a medium tactical backpack that’s ideal for wherever life takes you. With functionality at the forefront of our brand, you can be confident you’re buying a quality backpack you’ll love for years to come.

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