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Article: Tips for Getting Started With Meal Prepping

Tips for Getting Started With Meal Prepping

Tips for Getting Started With Meal Prepping

One key element of sticking with a healthy, nutritious diet is meal prepping. Yet, some may shy away from it because of the overwhelming task of making your food for the week at one time. Nevertheless, following these tips for getting started with meal prepping should help you give your body what it needs.

Stick With the Program

Everyone knows the mental anguish of figuring out what you want to eat each day. It can be even more daunting when a day turns into a week. Meal prepping requires you to plan and stay diligent. The best way to accomplish this task is to set aside time to prep each week and not deviate from the schedule. The more you put things off, the less likely you are to follow through with your planning, and most of the groceries you buy will go to waste.

Don’t Be Redundant

You might fall into the trap of relying on the same foods and meals because they’re easy. However, convenience isn’t going to please your tastebuds. Menu redundancy is the quickest way to stray away from meal prepping.

If you incorporate chicken in your meals for three straight weeks, the thought of eating again may cause you to dry heave. There are endless options at your disposal, so try not to fall into the trap of relying on the same old things, or else you’ll want to put a halt on meal prepping altogether.

Keep Your Pantry Stocked

The only way you can overcome the redundancy is by having a pantry filled to the gills with all the goodies you could ask for. Additionally, take stock of your pantry to ensure nothing is going to waste and that you don’t forget anything essential.

Seasoning is particularly vital to have on hand since you can turn something bland into something spicy in a flash. Keeping an inventory should help you save money and keep food fresh because you will be cycling through items with the FIFO (first in, first out) thinking.

Don’t Shy Away From Frozen Veggies

Another mistake rookie meal preppers often make is avoiding frozen foods. It seems that everyone associates meal prepping with fresh foods. While that’s predominantly true, it doesn’t mean you should always avoid frozen foods—especially vegetables.

Veggies go in and out of season often, so you might have a limited number of weeks to eat them when they’re fresh. Freezing your favorites allows you to pull them out later, which comes in handy when there’s nothing in season you enjoy.

Packaging Is Important

Packaging your food is nearly as crucial as preparing it. All your hard work will go to waste if you don’t have the proper containers and equipment to ensure freshness. You don’t need to overhaul your entire Tupperware collection, but having trays with dividers is a lifesaver.

Equally as important is a meal management bag from WOLFpak. Our meal bags have everything you could want if you take your food on the go. We have various bags in different styles and colors, so you’ll surely find the one you love!

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