WOLFpak is excited to announce its latest athlete to the family, the renowned IFBB Hunter Labrada.


Labrada recently won the Chicago Pro Bodybuilding show, his second professional victory - the first one being the Tampa Pro in 2020.  This also earned him an automatic qualification to Mr. Olympia contest in 2021. The 2021 Mr. Olympia is excited to give athletes like Mr. Labrada a chance to showcase their skill, perseverance, and grandeur.


Mr. Labrada is a Texas-based entrepreneur and rising bodybuilding star, following in his father's footsteps, the Hall of Fame bodybuilder Lee Labrada. Mr. Labrada did not have an easy start to his career. He underwent a grave injury, the recovery from which resulted in his interest in bodybuilding – proving to be a blessing in disguise.


He has been working relentlessly on improving his figure since his teenage years. Mr. Labrada personifies how hard work and determination can help a person achieve anything. He is a firm believer in "the more, the better" and hence is persistent to a fault. He has a firm belief in never giving up despite the multitude of difficulties, which goes hand in hand with the WOLFpak ethos.


Mr. Labrada understands the need to have a proper training regimen and the helpfulness of appropriate gear. From a fully equipped backpack to accessories like gym towels and water bottles enables him to nail the workout, helping him come out on top with his Win The Day approach. 


Maintaining a perfect balance between rigorous training and eating-freakishly was the key to his herculean figure – all thanks to his ironclad commitment, just like WOLFpak's commitment to striking the right balance of comfort, style, and practicability.


His fight against his grievous injury signifies his zeal to improve and overcome challenges through sheer stubbornness, mental toughness, and perseverance, which reflects the true WOLFpak ideology.


Hunter Labrada has a story of struggle, pain, and consistency, shown effectively through a WOLFpak's backpack that provides every athlete with a place to carry their belongings and stories. Hunter Labrada embodies the motto of WOLFpak and the foundation that the business was created on and hence is the perfect addition to the family.


To find out more about him, visit WOLFpak. Our products are to help you move a step closer to your fitness dreams!

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