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Article: 5 Brilliant Gym Bag Hacks You May Not Know

5 Brilliant Gym Bag Hacks You May Not Know

5 Brilliant Gym Bag Hacks You May Not Know

Frequent gym-goers can make their lives easier when they have a gym bag they can trust. But why stop with an awesome gym bag? These five brilliant hacks you may not know can make it even better. Check them out below!

1) Clothespin for Headphone Wires

While the trend continues to steer towards the wireless route, plenty of individuals still rely on wired headphones to provide the soundtrack to their workout. Unfortunately, wired headphones can tangle themselves like a set of holiday lights in a cardboard box, giving you a headache before you even get your sweat on.

You can utilize a clothespin to keep the wire tight and together if you don’t want to spend ten minutes untangling the knots. Wrapping up any wired phones properly and synching a clothespin in the middle of it will make for an easy grab and seamless plug-in with every trip to the gym.

2) Roll Your Wardrobe To Maximize Space

Unless you are a professional traveler, you may be unaware of the amazing tactic of rolling your clothes to maximize the space in your bag. Instead of folding each item individually, try making an outfit sandwich. Lay your largest piece of clothing down first, then stack the rest of your gym ‘fit on top. Once everything is in place, you can roll it all together, making a burrito of your wardrobe.

3) Ziploc Bags for Sweaty Clothes

Unless you’re walking on the treadmill at a snail’s pace while reading a book, you will be sweaty after your workout. No one wants their drenched clothes mingling with the rest of their stuff, so you can treat them like a biohazard and insert them in a Ziploc bag.

Fold the things you wear, place them in a bag, and zip it shut. The plastic layers should keep the sweat and smell at bay.

4) Conquering the Stench With Tea Bags

Other measures are worth exploring if a pungent smell still stings the nostrils after putting your clothes in a plastic bag. One simple trick you can do for your clothes is to slip a tea bag or two into your small tactical backpack. The foul odor should be a fraction of what it was prior after letting an unused tea bag sit in your bag overnight.

Taking extra care of your shoes is another way to guarantee a fresh gym bag. Inserting a tea bag and dryer sheet in your shoes should do the trick. Another smart shoe hack is utilizing shower caps to cover the soles to prevent remnants of the gym floor from sneaking onto your clothes.

5) Cucumber Water

Rise-and-shine grinders who get their workout in before heading to work might need to bring something to take care of their post-workout flush. After a vigorous workout, the face can have a reddish appearance from the fresh blood circulation.

A splash of cool water will help, but the reddish hue may remain. Instead, try cucumber wipes on the cheeks and brow. They work wonders for a baby’s red bottom, so they should work wonders on your face.

These five brilliant gym bag hacks you may not know will hopefully solve some of your pre- or post-workout problems. Of course, if one of those problems is finding the perfect gym backpack, then WOLFpak can pass that test with flying colors. WOLFpak’s bags are strong, versatile, and the perfect companion piece to accompany you to your favorite gym.

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