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Artículo: 4 Exercises That Can Help Improve Your Sleep

4 Exercises That Can Help Improve Your Sleep

4 Exercises That Can Help Improve Your Sleep

The lure of a good night’s sleep feels painfully elusive for anyone who wrestles with sleepless nights or groggy mornings. The connection between physical activity and better sleep is well-documented, but not just any movement can result in quality shut-eye. Let’s focus on the specific exercises that can help improve your sleep.

The Relationship Between Sleep and Exercise

It’s worth understanding why and how movement can transform the sleep experience before we dig into the individual exercises. Exercise increases the body’s core temperature, and that spike, followed by a cool-down period, can lead to drowsiness. It also reduces cortisol levels—the stress hormone—which decreases the body’s wake-up response to any internal sleep disrupters. Keep in mind, that intense workouts right before bed can make it more difficult to drift off, which is why the specific moves emphasized below are ideal for the pre-sleep routine.


Many credit yoga for its ability to calm the mind and relax the body, two key components of a successful bedtime ritual. Child’s pose, forward bends, and legs-up-the-wall can lower heart rate, release tension, and prepare the body for rest. Regular yoga practice can improve sleep quality and efficiency, especially for those suffering from insomnia.


Engaging in aerobic exercises during the day can lead to increased oxygen in the bloodstream, which in turn can lead to better sleep. Aerobics also help regulate the production of melatonin, the body’s sleep hormone. A brisk walk, cycling, or swimming in the afternoon or early evening can be the perfect precursor to a restful night of sleep.

Resistance Training

Those who hit the weights for resistance training often report feeling stronger and sleeping better. Resistance exercises work their magic during the body’s natural repair processes, which predominantly occur during sleep. Your muscles are in the middle of their night-long repair cycle by the time you’ve closed your eyes, potentially leading to a deeper and more rewarding sleep.


Stretching is a gentle way to wind down from the day and ensure you’re not bringing any unnecessary muscle tension into the bedroom. Even short sessions of before-bed stretching, focusing on large muscle groups, can promote relaxation and mental calm. A peaceful mind reduces the likelihood of tension-related sleep disturbances.

You may find yourself waking up refreshed and feeling energized more often by incorporating these exercises that can help improve your sleep into your daily routine. Exercise augments your sleep quality by prepping your body and mind for the rejuvenation that only a good night’s sleep can provide when performed regularly and at the right time.

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