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Article: When Are the IFBB Pro Wellness Shows in 2024?

When Are the IFBB Pro Wellness Shows in 2024?

When Are the IFBB Pro Wellness Shows in 2024?

The world of fitness is buzzing with excitement as athletes eagerly await the highly
anticipated IFBB Pro Wellness shows in 2024. This year, the anticipation is amplified as WOLFpak proudly takes on the role of corporate sponsor for these prestigious events.

As a new partner in the IFBB Pro League circuit, WOLFpak's sponsorship brings an additional $130,000 to the prize fund for Pro Wellness shows, elevating the stakes and recognition for competitors in this dynamic division.

What is the IFBB Pro Wellness Division?

The IFBB Pro Wellness division represents a dynamic and rapidly growing segment
within competitive bodybuilding, characterized by its emphasis on balance,
symmetry, and lower body development. Developed as a response to evolving
standards and trends in the fitness industry, Wellness competitions celebrate a
holistic approach to health and aesthetic beauty, with a focus on showcasing well-
rounded physiques that exude vitality and athleticism.

The division is only for females, particularly for women with more body mass in the
lower body. Competitors in this division display sculpted glutes, legs, and
hamstrings, complemented by a toned and proportionate upper body.
The division places a premium on overall presentation, with judges evaluating
contestants based on criteria such as muscle tone, definition, and overall physique

Pro Wellness competitions also emphasize presentation and stage presence.
Competitors are expected to exude confidence, poise, and charisma as they
showcase their physiques on stage. Presentation skills, including posing and
choreography, play a significant role in distinguishing top contenders and capturing
the attention of judges and audiences alike.

How is the IFBB Wellness Division Different from Bodybuilding or Physique?

One of the distinguishing features of the Pro Wellness division is its departure from
the traditional standards of bodybuilding, which often prioritize extreme muscularity
and size.

Instead, Wellness competitions promote a more attainable and athletic aesthetic,
appealing to a broader audience of fitness enthusiasts. This focus on attainable
beauty aligns with the growing cultural shift towards wellness and holistic health
practices, making the division particularly relevant and appealing in today's fitness landscape.

IFBB Bodybuilding division is the most muscular division, and competitors look to get as big as possible. It doesn’t matter how tall you are, it’s classified in terms of weight. The IFBB Physique division is fairly recent. It was created in 2013 to address concerns that the bodybuilding division was too big. Classic physique lies between the two divisions.

The Wellness Division encourages women to participate in bodybuilding
competitions, which is an essential marker of progress in the fitness industry.
Meet WOLFpak at the Wellness Shows As the proud sponsor of the IFBB Pro Wellness division, WOLFpak brings its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in fitness gear to the forefront of the competition.

At the Wellness shows, attendees have the exclusive opportunity to connect with
WOLFpak and experience firsthand the brands renowned lineup of high-quality fitness essentials. From the iconic backpacks and duffel bags to the innovative meal management bags and stylish apparel, WOLFpak offers a comprehensive range of gear designed to support athletes in their pursuit of peak performance and style.

Shop WOLFpak now.

When are the IFBB Pro Wellness Shows in 2024?

23-Mar 2024 SAMPSON SHOWDOWN Las Vegas, NV

CHAMPIONS The Woodlands, TX
5-7 Apr 2024 ARNOLD SOUTH AMERICA Sao Paulo, Brazil
6-7 Apr 2024 CHARLOTTE PRO Charlotte, NC
20-Apr 2024 VANCOUVER ISLAND SHOWDOWN Victoria, Canada

10-11 May 2024 JIM MANION'S PITTSBURGH PRO Pittsburgh, PA
12-May 2024 CALIFORNIA SUPPLEMENTS PRO Alicante, Spain
18-May 2024 MR & MS LIONS CLASSIC Guadalajara, Mexico
18-May 2024 NEW YORK PRO Teaneck, NJ

25-May 2024 EVEREST MUSCLE SHOW Warsaw, Poland
1-Jun 2024 MIAMI MUSCLE BEACH PRO/AM Miami Beach, FL
8-9 Jun 2024 TORONTO PRO SUPERSHOW Toronto, Canada

15-16 Jun 2024 EMPRO CLASSIC Alicante, Spain
23-Jun 2024 FLEX WEEKEND PRO Milan, Italy
29-30 Jun 2024 SUR PRO CUP ARGENTINA Buenos Aires, Argentina
7-Jul 2024 MR BIG EVOLUTION PRO Estoril, Portugal
13-Jul 2024 REPUBLIC OF TEXAS PRO Austin, TX
13-14 Jul 2024 LENDA MURRAY ATLANTA PRO Duluth, GA
13-14 Jul 2024 EURO MUSCLE SHOW

NETHERLANDS Amsterdam, Netherlands

18-20-Jul 2024 CHICAGO PRO Chicago, IL
18-21 Jul 2024 COLOMBIA MEDELLIN PRO Medellin, Colombia
19-21 Jul 2024 MUSCLECONTEST BRAZIL PRO Curitiba, Brazil
1-3-Aug 2024 TAMPA PRO Tampa, FL
9-10 Aug 2024 TEXAS PRO Irving, TX
16-17 Aug 2024 TUPELO PRO Tupelo, MS
24-Aug 2024 SIN CITY SHOWDOWN PRO Las Vegas, NV
31-Aug RGV CLASSIC McAllen, TX
7-Sep 2024 HEART OF TEXAS PRO Dallas, TX

5-Oct 2024 BULGARIA PRO Bulgaria
8-10 Nov 2024 COLOMBIA BOGOTA PRO Bogota, Colombia
9-10 Nov 2024 ROMANIA MUSCLE FEST PRO Romania
15-16 Nov 2024 BEN WEIDER NATURAL PRO Alexandria, VA
16-17 Nov 2024 EVLS PRAGUE PRO Prague, Czech Republic
24-Nov 2024 SPANISH GRAND PRIX PRO Madrid, Spain
7-Dec 2024 MUSCLECONTEST NACIONAL Campinas, Brazil

Save the date, see you there!

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