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Article: How to Train Like an IFBB Wellness Athlete

How to Train Like an IFBB Wellness Athlete

How to Train Like an IFBB Wellness Athlete

Training like an IFBB Wellness athlete requires dedication, focus, knowledge, and
grit. The Wellness Division is an increasingly popular division under IFBB, and
women around the world are showing more interest in participating in bodybuilding
competitions. But how can you register for an IFBB Wellness show? What does it take to be up to scratch with other Wellness athletes? Keep reading to dive into the strategies and techniques used by IFBB Wellness athletes to achieve peak performance. From training methodologies to nutrition tips, we'll uncover the secrets behind their success.

WOLFpak are the proud new corporate sponsors of the IFBB Pro Wellness division,
which provides athletes with access to top-notch gear to support their training
journey, and an additional $130,000 to the prize fund. This reflects our commitment
to support women in fitness.

What Does it Take to Be an IFBB Wellness Athlete?

“We are looking for conditioning almost on par with Bikini athletes, but the athletes
will have slightly more muscle. We want to see a little body fat with slight separation
but no striations,” says an NPC representative. The abs should be as defined as Bikini competitors, and the shoulders should be slightly more developed than Bikini and a little less than Figure, but not as lean and with no striations.

The focus, in Wellness, is on the lower body that means they’re looking for, “Full
round glutes with a slight separation between the hamstring and glute area but no
striations, as is in place for the Bikini Division. Glutes will be bigger than current
Bikini competitors. They will not be as lean and defined as Figure and Women’s
Physique.” Essentially, Wellness athletes need to have a naturally-athletic-looking physique, with developed curves. You should be more developed than a bikini competitor, but no where near as muscular as a figure competitor. It’s a delicate line!

How to Qualify for IFBB Pro Wellness

As stated on the IFBB website, “To qualify as a pro athlete, the class has to be
composed by at least 15 athletes. Only athletes competing in Senior Category can
qualify as a Pro. Junior and Master athletes can only apply for a pro card through
competing in Senior Category.”

So that means if you want to become an IFBB Pro Wellness athlete, you’ve got to
start doing the groundwork. You must win at different levels in the NPC and earn your pro card at one of the NPC national-level contests. It takes years of dedication, but it’s not impossible. There are over 30,000 registered pros within IFBB.

How to Train like an IFBB Wellness Pro with WOLFpak

1. Stay Hydrated: Proper hydration is essential for athletes to support recovery,
performance, and overall health. Hydrating adequately helps regulate body
temperature, lubricate joints, and transport nutrients to cells, crucial for optimal
functioning during workouts.

With the WOLFpak 40oz Flask, you can conveniently carry ample water to stay
hydrated throughout your training sessions. Its durable construction and ample
capacity make it the perfect hydration companion for athletes on the go.

2. Organize Your Meals: Fueling your body with the right nutrition is vital for
achieving peak performance and recovery.

The 35L Meal Prep Management Backpack from WOLFpak allows you to plan and
pack your meals with ease. Featuring insulated compartments and storage for meal
containers, it ensures you have nutritious meals readily available wherever your
training takes you. Stay on top of your nutrition game and maximize your
performance with this convenient meal prep backpack.

3. Maximize Gym Essentials: Keep all your gym essentials organized and
accessible with the 40L Ultimate Duffle Bag in Leopard Knockout Pink from WOLFpak.

With its spacious compartments and durable design, this stylish duffle bag is perfect for carrying your workout clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Whether you're hitting the gym or heading to a competition, this versatile duffle bag ensures you have everything you need to train like a pro.

4. Boost Motivation with Apparel: Elevate your workout wardrobe with the Pink
Goddess Zip-Up Hoodie from WOLFpak. Made from premium materials, this stylish
hoodie provides comfort and warmth during your training sessions.
Its eye-catching design and flattering fit add a touch of motivation and confidence to your workouts. Stay cozy and motivated while you crush your fitness goals in style.

5. Accessorize with IFBB Pro Gear: Show your dedication to the sport with the
IFBB Pro Black Tactical Dog Tag from WOLFpak. Wear it as a symbol of your
commitment to fitness and wellness, and let it serve as a reminder of your goals and aspirations. This sleek accessory adds a touch of motivation and inspiration to your training regimen.

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